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  1. Simpsons Bumblebee Man 6inch Vinyl Figure

    Ay, ay, ay! Channel Ocho 6-inch vinyl figure with wings. Me gusta! Learn More
  2. Futurama Zoidberg 6inch Figure

    Futurama Zoidberg 6inch Figure


    There’s a doctor in the house. Complete with stethoscope accessory, the 6-inch vinyl Futurama Zoidberg will listen to your intestines. If you lose him, look in the nearest dumpster. Super ink squirting decapodians rule. Learn More
  3. Simpsons Zombie Bart 6inch Figure

    From The Simpsons & Kidrobot comes Zombie Bart in 6-inch vinyl. Bart looks sick (and undead) in blue. Spoon for brains included. Learn More
  4. South Park Stick of Truth Mini Series: Collectors Pack

    From the perilous battlefields of a small Colorado town, Kidrobot and the creators of South Park bring you five 3-inch vinyl figures ready to undo that which has been did. Featuring the Stick of Truth warriors Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and Butters, embroiled in an intense live-action-role-playing game, each wielding his weapon of choice, and dressed to kill underpants gnomes, vampire kids, and hippies. From the fray, a young hero will rise, destined to be South Park’s savior. Learn More
  5. SDCC 2012: Ron English Bart Grin "Ron English Grin" Edition

    SDCC 2012 Release Only 50 available at SDCC. Made by Ron English. Official Licensed Product Learn More
  6. Beavis and Butthead: Beavis Vinyl Figure

    This vinyl figure Beavis definitely does not suck! The blonde-haired butt munch from MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head stands 6-inches tall and is shown in his blue t-shirt, gray shorts, white socks, and black shoes. The vinyl action figure features multiple points of articulation and comes in a window box. Ages 14 and up. Learn More
  7. Simpsons Series 2

    Matt Groening and Kidrobot join forces once again to embiggen your vinyl collection! This new 25-character series features some of Springfield's most notable citizens, including extended family members and lovable barflies, as well as alternate versions of your favorite nuclear family. Keep your eyes peeled for two top-secret chases! Buy 20 to get a sealed case. Learn More

7 Item(s)

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