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About the 3DRetro Store


3DRetro is a producer and retailer of some of the best colectible, art figurines in the low-brow artworld. Since 2003 3DRetro has been serving the collectors community in providing the best the industry has to offer.

3DRetro works with some of the most amazing artists in the "low-brow" art world to produce amazing "art-toy" collectibles. We also work with other populat large producers from all over the world to bring our customers the latest and greatest in out world.

We love the art world which is why we do what we do. Since 2003 we have been serving the online community.

Founded in 2003 the 3DRetro store has worked with suppliers from around the world to put the best collectible figures in our store. In 2014 3DRetro opened its very open retail store in Glendale, CA to allow customer to see these amazing collectibles in person.

Originally the culture of collectible vinyl figures started in Japan and slowly moved to the US by incorporating artists from the "West". Artists such as Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup and Frank Kozik lead the way in creating beautiful collectible figures in limited quantities for the collector community. Companies like KidRobot and StrangeCo were also the first to lead the way in creating "blind box" figures and small-run large figures with the biggest names in the low-brow, street art and urban art community.

In 2009 3DRetro started producing our own line of collecible figures with such popular artists as Brandon Ragnar, Jim Mahfood, Nathan Hamill, Gary Baseman, Brandi Milne, Bob Dob... to just name a few. Every year we are proud to work with more and more artist from our community and bring the collectors amazing limited edition collectible figures. Retailers may carry our products by contacting our distributor DKE Toys directly.

We love pop culture as well so we also carry a ton of cool collectibles and toys that are tied into our favorite pop culture films and references.

We feel the store has something for everyone, if you want something and don't see it in the store already please feel free to contact us store at 3dretro.com  .


To all of you, from all of us at 3DRetro- Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Ben Goretsky
Owner/ President